About Us

Creative Enzymes — Diagnostic Enzymes


Creative Enzymes is a worldwide leading company in diagnostic enzymes manufacturing and supply. We are committed to providing our customers with diverse enzyme products and custom enzyme-related services for medical and research diagnosis. Relying on our professional team and state-of-art technologies, we have gained solid reputation for having top of the line products and services.

Our product lines cover a wide range of application areas, including but not limited to blood lipids, liver function, kidney and pancreas function, diabetes, POCT bio-sensor and clinical diagnosis. Every product is presented with detailed description, source, form, activity and other biochemical properties. Our high-quality products always ensure the rapid, reliable and reproducible experiments.

Our team is comprised of experts in enzymology, microbiology, immunology and pharmacology with years of experience in academia and industry. We are here to advance your projects by providing custom services as per your requirement. We may help you not only in discovery of novel diagnostic enzymes, but also in production development. Moreover, we would like to take care of performance optimization of your diagnostic enzymes via difference approaches.

These diagnostics enzymes are sold commercially for reagent production by third party clinical diagnostic companies. Our enzymes also have many other biotech and industrial applications. It is our mission to benefit medical and research diagnosis with our enzyme products and services. Creative Enzymes is always ready to help you find an enzyme, a solution, and an achievement. Please feel free to contact us if you are seeking for professional support regarding diagnostic enzymes.