Clinical Diagnosis


Creative Enzymes now introduces various enzymes used in clinical diagnosis to our new and returning customers. Enzymatic diagnosis has grown to one of the essential clinical diagnosis approaches due to its sensitivity and rapidity.

There are mainly two aspects in diagnosing diseases with enzymes: abnormal changes in activity or location of particular enzymes and abnormal changes in status of certain substances. A number of disease markers are enzymes, which reveal the disease status with their corresponding altered pattern in serum or tissues. The most common used diagnostic enzyme is phosphatase, which hydrolyze phosphate monoester to inorganic phosphate under acidic conditions. Patients with prostate cancer or hyperparathyroidism always display high level of acid phosphatase activity in serum. The other example is glucose oxidase, which measures the glucose content in diabetes samples. Creatinase is widely used to determine creatine content, which reflects glomerular function.

Creative Enzymes offers stable supply of clinical diagnostic enzymes from natural source or recombinant system. Great services and sound products earned us a reputation as the leader among diagnostic enzymes manufacturers by clients around the world. Please feel free to contact us if any products can be helpful to your project. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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