Kidney & Pancreas Function

Kidney and Pancreas Function

Creative Enzymes is known as a leading biotechnology company supporting the research and development of kidney & pancreas diseases diagnosis. The primary function of kidneys is to remove waste and excessive fluids from the blood through the production of urine. Pancreas is responsible for digestion enzymes and insulin production. Disfunction of kidney and pancreas at early stage does not show apparent symptoms, which may allow the development of severe impairment. Early diagnosis of kidney and pancreas therefore attracted intense attention.

As the chemicals, enzymes, and other compounds which are secreted from kidney and pancreas typically remain stable in quality and quantity, unusual presence of particular entities or elevated level of certain enzymes in fluids is indictive of abnormal status of kidney or pancreas. For instance, inflammation of kidney leads to increased level of amylase in blood, which can be determined by maltase and glucoamylase. Urease is the key enzyme used to advise kidney failure by measuring urea content.   

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